The retail industry has been experiencing a lot of trouble in the past several years.  Part of the reason for this is that giants like Amazon and Alibaba are offering cheaper goods at lightning speed delivery rates from the comfort of a person’s own home.  To keep up, many retailers have instead opted to target specific trade shows to connect with buyers face-to-face or to develop targeted partnerships.  But with so many retailers on these trade show floors, it can be difficult for one trade show exhibit to rise above the sea of thousands of other retailers.  To truly shine in the crowd, try the following tips and tricks:

Opt for a Luxurious and Upscale Looking Trade Show Exhibit

You know what people love?  Luxury and style.  Retailers that present their goods in an environment of luxury attract a lot of people.  Often, a luxurious trade show exhibit will offer a different theme- using elements that look and feel upscale but aren’t necessarily expensive.  This can include designs that look like they should grace a style magazine. By opting for this look and feel, retailers can ensure their trade show exhibit stands out among the crowd.

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Make Great Use of Color in the Trade Show Exhibit

We say it often because it’s true; color is one of the most important elements of your trade show exhibit design because it draws people’s eyes from across the exhibit hall.  Even if retailers’ branding is monochrome, they can make use of color in fun ways, playing with accent colors, rainbows representing various product lines, and more.  The options in a retail trade show exhibit are numerous and color can be introduced to give a pop to the trade show booth.  Whether the retail brand is food, toys, clothing, or more, color is a great way to define retailers’ trade show exhibit.

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Keep Your Messaging Clear and Concise

It can be tempting for retailers to throw every product benefit and feature in retailers’ graphics, but that can backfire and feel overwhelming to visitors.  Instead, keep the trade show exhibit messaging clear and concise.  People should come away with an idea of what the product is and a curiosity to learn more, taste it, or sit through a demonstration.

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Present Demonstration or Tasting Stations that Encourage Interaction

No matter the retailer, it’s important to encourage interaction with the trade show attendees.  This means building in demonstration stations such as kiosks or touch screens, tasting stations, presentation cases, or other similar items.  It’s important to engage multiple senses, not just the sense of sight, so get tactile with items as a part of the experience at your trade show exhibit. These are great ways to stand apart from other retailers.

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Get Strategic with Trade Show Exhibit Lighting

Lighting should be an integral part of retailers’ trade show exhibit where they showcase their products.  Depending on how retailers want to draw people’s eyes, recessed lighting may be a better option than canned lighting.  Or lighting to highlight product signage may be preferable to highlighting an item itself.  In collaboration with the designer, retailers can create something that adds just the right touch to the trade show exhibit.

RMT trade show display

There are many ways that retailers can present themselves in the best possible light at a trade show.  Within their trade show exhibit, the options are numerous.  Depending on how custom a retailer wants to get with their trade show booth rental, and their budget, a quality exhibit design house partner can create something truly special.

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