As the trade show industry rebounds, many exhibitors will be switching to smaller footprints on the show floor.  With many industries hit hard during the pandemic, smaller budgets and desires for a bigger impact are only natural.  The good news is that there are plenty of great ways to tell your brand story in a 10×20 trade show display.  Consider the following ways you can tell your brand story just as effectively in a smaller space:

Make Your 10×20 Trade Show Display Colorful

Larger exhibits afford you more options and space to include all the bells and whistles.  That’s not the same when you’re planning on exhibiting with a 10×20 trade show display.  You have to get resourceful to communicate who your brand is in the marketplace.  Are you a fun brand? Does your brand march to the beat of its own drum or is it a part of the community?  You can communicate these kinds of brand stories through your use of color into your display.  Color is one of the things that people notice the most on the trade show floor.  While larger exhibitors can afford to have large basketball hoops and simulated racing games in their trade show booth, you can stand out in a different way.  Using color, you can transform your 10×20 trade show display into a work of art.  Color can be incorporated into your graphics, lighting, an inflatable prop, even the flooring.  Depending on your industry, you may want to explore various ways to introduce more color into your 10×20 trade show display.

trade show display visuals

Integrate a Living Wall into Your 10×20 Trade Show Display

Living walls are incredibly popular on the trade show floor.  Did you know you can use them to tell your brand story?  Every exhibitor has technology featured in their exhibit space.  But few have embraced the balance, serenity, or sustainability that a living wall can communicate.  Exhibitors do not need to spend a fortune to bring elements of the outdoors indoors.  In your 10×20 trade show display, you too can incorporate elements of a living wall.  You can make a collage on the back wall around your logo, create a serene area near your meeting area, and more.  A living wall works whether you’re in an industry like technology, home goods, and more.  Once you determine how you want to tell your brand story, a living wall is an exceptional idea for a 10×20 trade show display.

trade show exhibit design ideas

Get Creative with Your Logo in a 10×20 Trade Show Display

Your logo is one of the strongest ways you communicate your brand story.  Some logos just naturally lend themselves to creative uses in a 10×20 trade show display.  Making your logo 3D is a great way to let your brand story leap out of your booth space.  We had one client whose 10×20 trade show display featured shelving with their products framed by a large cut out version of their logo.  This was the perfect way to connect their branding to their products.  Subtle design ideas like this can help you to tell your brand story in a meaningful way without having to add on more square footage.

pet releaf 10x20 trade show display design

Use Your Display Graphics to Take Visitors on a Journey

Telling your brand story in a 10×20 trade show display doesn’t always afford exhibitors a lot of space to get specific.  This is where great display graphics come into good use.  You can visually communicate your brand story in a 10×20 trade show display with simple yet effective graphics and messaging.  Their simplicity can highlight any product commercials or videos you have or pique interest to learn more.  Great graphics are a part of every exceptional design.  The right focal point in a display can pique people’s interest to learn more about your brand.

10x20 trade show display design

Use Light to Tell a Better Story in Your 10×20 Trade Show Display

One of the basics of exceptional exhibit design is the use of light.  What many people fail to realize is how dark an exhibit hall can be.  Only when displays are lit up do you start to make out differences between one exhibitor versus another in rows of inline exhibits.  Tell your brand story in a more effective manner by using light.  Whether that’s investing in a showpiece reception counter or through the use of accent lighting, you can incorporate it into the story your 10×20 trade show display tells.

Aerozone trade show branding exhibit

There are many wonderful ways to tell your brand story.  You don’t need to be in a space that takes up half an aisle to tell it.  You can use design elements you may use now in your 10×20 trade show display.  Adjustments may be necessary, but did you really need virtual reality stations at every corner to communicate with people? For more great ideas, contact your exhibit house partner.  Their decades of experience on the show floor can guide you in the right direction.

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