Trade shows are a great place to gain more brand exposure and build relationships within the industry.  How you show up on the trade show floor can affect your branding.  Therefore, when you design your next custom trade show exhibit, it’s important to consider the different design elements that you can include such as the following:

Include a Social Media Station in Your Custom Trade Show Exhibit

We’re living in an experience economy.  Today’s customers want an experience that will be memorable.  An easy way to provide a memorable experience is to include a social media station in your custom trade show exhibit.  Picture a branded wall, or even a social media cut out or props that visitors can use inside your custom trade show exhibit.  People love to selfie.  When you provide that experience, you can gain more exposure in social media and reach an even wider audience that’s not at the trade show.

custom trade show exhibit with social media stand

Make Your Custom Trade Show Exhibit Interactive

One of the most overlooked senses when designing a custom trade show exhibit is the sense of touch.  Trade show visitors are already bombarded with a cacophony of sounds and visuals on the show floor.  Cut through the noise by appealing to their sense of touch.  You can do this in many different ways.  One of our clients had a station where show attendees could hammer panels to show their durability.  Other great ideas are to include touch screen stations inside your custom trade show exhibit to discover more about your products or services.  Still another great idea is to have a station where people can paint, design, or somehow use your product in the creation of something new.  There are many ideas that you can use in your custom trade show exhibit.

trade show display

Hook People with a Fun Game or Contest

Trade shows can be exhausting for visitors.  Why not give them a break from being pitched to all day and instead offer them a fun game to play?  Offering games as a part of your custom trade show exhibit is becoming more and more popular on the show floor.  Imagine being able to shoot some hoops, play a Plinko game, drive a race car simulator, and more.  As people wait in line to have some fun, they’re a captive audience to soak up more about your brand.  They’re also more likely to engage in conversation about your goods and services.

gamification trade show exhibit design

Create a Feeling of Peace and Sanctuary with a Lounge

After walking miles on the trade show floor, show visitors want to be able to sit down and rest.  Give them a place where they can sit down, recharge, and feel a little more peaceful.  A lounge is a great idea and applicable to a custom trade show exhibit in any industry.  One of our packaging clients offered a café and lounge area inside their custom trade show exhibit that was a nice oasis on the trade show floor.  Many exhibitors at food shows are already using this concept, but it’s a welcome addition to many other industry shows as well.

custom trade show exhibit cafe

Communicate Your Brand Story Instantly with a Theme

Themes are really popular because they instantly communicate your brand story.  Additionally, they make your custom trade show exhibit look really distinctive on the trade show floor.  If you’re looking to stand out and you want people to know exactly what you offer, try a theme.  This can range from farm to table types of themes, futuristic themes, and more.  Your exhibit house designer can help you find something that will work for your brand.

natural products trade show display

There are many different design elements that you might want to consider prior to your next custom trade show exhibit design.  As new trends emerge, you may want to include those in your trade show display as well.  Consult your exhibit house partner for more information.

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