The days of “just browsing,” at trade shows are over.

Today ninety percent of show attendees are actively looking for new services and goods. There are far fewer attendees but still represent the same number of companies. And everybody seems to have a mission and an agenda. You must stand out from the crowd on the packed trade show floor with an impactful and memorable exhibit.

First impressions matter. At trade shows, your primary job is to generate leads and attract new customers while your exhibit display increases engagement, elevates your ROI, and sets your brand apart. First and foremost, your design must give the audience a clear idea of your message. Clients and prospects must be able to find you easily, remember who you are and what you do, and follow up with you after the show! Trade exhibition displays are powerful marketing tools, and when done right, will attract new customers, preserve ties with existing ones, and give you an opportunity to showcase recent innovations.

What can my design do to elevate my brand’s messaging?

No one knows your industry as you do. Think about your last national tradeshow. What colors predominated on the show floor? Whose exhibit beckoned everyone? Beyond the products or services offered – what caught your attention? Chances are the exhibits that stood out used – incredible lighting, bright color or natural themes, attention grabbing signage and graphics. That can be you.

Choosing the wrong text font that is difficult to see and a tagline that is unclear alienates people immediately. If your text isn’t clear and simple to understand, potential customers will simply pass by. Your tagline should be succinct, memorable, and clear from a distance. You want a message that anyone could read in a few seconds. Avoid lengthy taglines wherever possible and consider how you can change the wording to make your main point clearer.

The right trade show display design will elevate a brand’s messaging. Make sure your brand really can stand out from the crowd and don’t be afraid of pushing the boundaries! Every client that works with us will sit with their personal designer and be allowed to bring their vision and their knowledge to reality – our world is not cut and paste.

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