If you’ve been exhibiting for a while now, you know that designing an exhibition stand on a budget can occasionally be tough.  Dependent upon the location- whether domestically or abroad, the labor rates, the materials used in construction, shipping, and more, those figures can start to add up.  Know which elements to invest in and which can easily soak up your budget and leave you high and dry.  Try these tips to keep your exhibition stand budget friendly:

Forget the Fancy Flooring in Your Exhibition Stand

Some brands get caught up in the details of pictures they see online.  If you’ve got a hefty budget, sure you can get a specialty designed floor that’s going to cost you more money than you’ll put down on your car.  But if you’re looking for a budget friendly exhibition stand, you’ll want to think simply with standard carpet that comes in a variety of colors and some padding so your feet won’t be hurting at the end of the day.  Flooring for an exhibition stand can range in prices, so know where you’re willing to invest important dollars versus what will ultimately go overlooked.

trade show booth

Light Up Your Exhibition Stand with a Light Box or Backlit Counter

We say it time and time again- light is a very important part of exhibition stand design.  To keep it budget friendly, consider either a backlit counter or a light box in your exhibition stand.  This can ensure people still see your exhibition stand across a crowded exhibition hall without having to overspend on elements that will leave you with nothing more than pipe and draping.  It sounds cool to go all out on exotic lighting, but that can add up quickly.  The trick is to keep it simple with simple but effective elements that are still attractive and capture people’s attention.

light boxes trade show exhibit

Keep Your Graphics Simple But Impactful

Nobody wants to overspend on complicated graphics in their exhibition stand.  The key is to get something that will cover your back wall and sides with impactful messaging instead of overly done specialty fabric or complicated wrapped graphics.  By keeping it simple and impactful, your brand can better stick to your exhibition stand budget.  You can achieve the look of various kinds of textures with some simple wrapping and an elegant logo without having to break the bank on LED imagery simulating a rainforest or a waterfall effect.

exhibition stand

Work with an Exhibit House Known for No Post-Show Billing

The best way to completely blow your exhibition stand budget is to work with the wrong partner.  More often than not, exhibit houses will offer up a low ball estimate but on day 2 of the trade show, they’ll start passing out hefty bills for after-charges.  That’s why it’s so important upfront to know who you’re working with and obtain an all-inclusive quote for your exhibition stand that offers zero post-show billing.  Post-show bills have been the reason why many good people in Marketing or Events have been fired.  Nobody wants to receive a bill for an extra $20K they didn’t budget for.  Do your homework and find the right exhibition stand partner to meet your financial goals.

At the end of the day, you know better than anyone what’s going to draw prospects to your exhibition stand.  It’s not going to be a $10K floor they’ll never see. It’s going to be your brand exhibiting your superior products and services with friendly faces, great design, and the opportunity to engage people outside of design alone. Keep these in mind as you design your stand for your next trade show or exhibition.

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