Who Should Choose an Exhibit Management Company?

Supervising your trade show exhibit properties is a time-consuming process. It includes making certain that the right booth properties arrive on time and show ready. Good exhibit management requires extensive attention to detail and balancing multiple deadlines and stakeholders. This all comes after a schedule has been set, numerous planning meetings have occurred, and individual needs for each trade show, meeting, or conference have been established. Larger companies may have 200-300 dates a year many happening at the same time.

Time is your Greatest Asset

If you manage this department the greatest asset on your balance sheet is time. Twenty four hours in a day, with no way to increase it, and a million little ways to squander it away. Seconds turn into minutes, minutes turn into hours and days. You are eating time and “people assets” to direct your team in the office and at your asset warehouse to make certain that everything you order happens on time. In most cases this is the same team that is churning out all the content for these events. When time is lost, it’s gone forever, so spend it wisely. You need to focus on the big picture … your program, directing your team, and establishing your branding protocol.

The Benefits of Asset Management

Today, large companies outsource the management of exhibit properties. It saves time, money, and resources. As a trade show asset manager, we offer great benefits, including:

  • Fully Managed Solutions: Scheduling, shipping, set-up, planning, logistics, exhibit displays for large and small events, graphics, furnishings, A/V equipment and more. Companies purchase a variety of assets and usually rent the larger exhibits so that they are not caught within sizing parameters.
  • Cloud Based Inventory Management: Worry that details might fall through the cracks? We provide our exhibit management clients with 24/7 portal access to exhibit and show material inventory, event details and show service orders. Show details add up, and every task is important to execute. Our custom written cloud-based project and inventory management system allows easy access to all approved employees at multiple levels of admittance.
  • Repair and Maintenance: Exhibit materials will need repair. We inspect exhibit properties before they arrive at your show and handle any cleaning and repair work quickly. An up-to-date list of all the exhibit elements in your inventory is maintained in your private inventory management portal.
  • Show Services: Every show has ancillary services that need to be handled, whether it’s working with the convention center for electrical and rigging, ordering cleaning for the booth, or requesting catering services. We can handle ordering ancillary show services for your company.
  • Warehousing and Storage: we are your warehouse … on both coasts. We consolidate your existing assets and work with you to bring your current program of events in line with your exhibit materials. Where do you store your materials? We provide on-site storage solutions that are climate controlled. Your trade show booth elements are checked in and out, so you know the location of each item.
  • Shipping Coordination: If shipping is not properly handled, trade show items can be lost or damaged, affecting your entire show. All trade show displays are packed to arrive on the show floor, hotel, or conference venue without damage, and can be easily accessible for installation. Directing a group of employees that work offsite in a storage facility or in the backend of a manufacturing plant is not necessarily a wise decision. Leaving exhibit materials in the hands of the people who manufacture and sell/rent those materials to fulfill your event schedule makes incredible sense. We will sit down and show you the money side of this equation. You already understand how this decision will allow you to focus on your program and not steal time for following package deliveries, communication gaps, and the hundreds of phone calls and emails that come with every show set-up. Let’s work together!

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