Exhibit Rentals Serve a Multitude of Trade Show Issues

Conflicting schedules with your trade show booth? New to trade show industry and want to test the waters before deciding to buy or lease an exhibit? Need a lot of bang for your buck – not a long-term investment? Owned booth will not fit into your new booth space? In all these cases trade show exhibit rentals can be the best option for your company.

Rental exhibits offer many benefits including saving on custom construction costs, shipping, and storage fees. In addition, some exhibit rental companies offer onsite show supervision within the rental costs. In return further reducing labor costs and ensuring that your booth is setup properly. Rental exhibits give you the option to opt for a new exhibit after every trade show. No paying a storage bill or making room in your warehouse.

Add Sustainability to a US-Built Exhibit

In every major convention city outside the USA and Canada renting an exhibit has been the choice for 20-30 years. However, in those countries’ exhibits are built on the show floor without labor unions and dismantled right into the parking lot where most are burnt to the ground. Today renting in the USA is considered sustainable as entire exhibits are moved back to exhibit houses and, in most cases, dismantled. There is no build and burn ethic here – so get on board and consider a rental.

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