These days, marketing has a lot of various techniques they like to incorporate in order to gain more leads and ultimately, more sales for your team.  One of these is the tried and true technique of retargeting.  If you’re not familiar with retargeting, find out how you can retarget to your trade show booth visitors using our easy tips and tricks:

Start Your Trade Show Marketing Early

A great way to retarget to your trade show booth visitors is to start your trade show marketing early by purchasing the show list.  Create a cohesive marketing campaign wherein your team emails trade show attendees, customers, and leads to visit your trade show booth.  Those that visit your website can then be retargeted to using traditional means wherein they’ll see advertisements on other sites they visit to visit your trade show booth at the show.  This is one of the basics of trade show booth retargeting.  The core idea is to reel people in digitally and to then follow them around the internet as they visit additional sites.  This keeps your trade show booth number top of mind when they’re ready to hit the show floor.

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Throw an Exclusive Happy Hour Inside Your Trade Show Booth for Visitors

A great way to retarget to visitors and to keep your brand top of mind is to throw an exclusive happy hour inside your trade show booth. This gives them the opportunity to come back, to reengage with your trade show booth staff and learn more about your brand’s products and services in a relaxed atmosphere.  Using this strategy, it’s a low pressure means of bringing people back and keeping your brand top of mind using booze.  By calling it an exclusive event, you also ensure people feel like they’re special and one of a kind.  Everybody wants to feel like they’re special and by throwing an event like a happy hour inside your trade show booth, they begin to feel like they are special.

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Create a Special Giveaway for Trade Show Booth Visitors

One of the most interesting things at trade shows is how ordinary people are dying to win literally almost anything.  They may have several iPads already, but they want just one more with your company’s name branded on the back.  This is trade show marketing at work.  By throwing a giveaway with something special- say a high dollar or name brand product, you can retarget to trade show booth visitors and get them to come right back.  Guaranteed you’ll be top of mind if you have something they want.  In the nursing industry, Coach purses are the items that CNO’s will literally fight over.  In the HR industry, new technology is a game changer.  Consider the items that industry tastemakers want at your show.  Then create a fun giveaway where you capture their information and force them to come back to win.  This is a great way to retarget to your trade show booth visitors.



Ready, Set, Smile!

One of the most exciting elements of trade show booth retargeting is to host a photo booth station inside your booth.  Just look at events like concerts for inspiration.  How many thousands of people say cheese and then hand their email addresses over without a thought in order to receive an emailed copy of their pictures?  Appeal to people’s vanity and sense of fun to collect their email addresses using a photobooth.  Once the show is over, your team can then follow up with them using targeted email marketing to try to sell them a product or service.

Vidcon Trade Show Booth Engagement and Retargeting

When it comes to retargeting, there are a variety of innovative ideas out there which can help your business to succeed.  For more great ideas, contact your exhibit design house partner who can guide you through the basics of trade show marketing and experiential marketing in addition to sound trade show booth design.

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