For many exhibitors, their ROI is closely tied with an increase in sales.  But when your product is something small, how do you make this product stand out in your trade show exhibit?  Try our strategies to make your small products stand out at your next trade show:

Incorporate the Product into Your Trade Show Exhibit Design

What if you produced small electronics like instant cameras?  How do you show that off in a meaningful way in your trade show exhibit?  The answer is as simple as building a camera prop to ensure people can see your product from across the trade show floor.  Similarly, when it comes to items such as books or specialty lighting, you can incorporate them into your trade show exhibit design to make sure your product stands out.


Include an Alcove to Feature Your Products in Your Trade Show Exhibit

If you’ve got small products such as environmentally friendly kitchen tools, consider how one of our clients featured these in their trade show exhibit with a well-lit alcove.  This alcove became a highlight with messaging, product placement, and recessed lighting to literally shine a light on their small products. Exhibitors seeking to mimic this great idea should consider how messaging, lighting, and product placement work together to focus on small products in a trade show exhibit.

RMT trade show display

Incorporate Shelving in Your Trade Show Exhibit

Shelving is still a great option to feature small products in a trade show exhibit.  Whether situated along the back wall or along the sides of your trade show exhibit, your small products can be exhibited on shelving in an interesting way.  Product placement to coordinate with the graphics of the trade show booth design can help small products to stand out more.

exhibition stand

Arrange Your Products in a Glass Display Case

For some exhibitors, they’ll have items that are valuable and want to showcase under glass.  In this case, featuring a glass display case in the trade show exhibit will be a great solution.  There are many great options to further highlight these small products such as lighting options to draw attention. By featuring small products in a glass case, you’re communicating value in addition to offering trade show attendees an opportunity to take a closer look at these products.

trade show exhibit design ideas

Small products often need special attention when exhibiting.  It can be difficult to highlight them in the same ways that exhibitors would show off massive machinery, retail apparel, or larger consumer products.  For more great ideas, consult with your exhibit design house partner.  Their decades of experience in the business can help guide you to design something that will help your small products stand out.

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