This year many exhibitors saw their trade shows postponed or canceled.  The COVID-19 pandemic hindered their ability to reach out to people that they often only saw at their yearly show.  This included industry peers, prospects, and clients.  Absent their ability to showcase or demonstrate new products and services, these exhibitors saw dips in sales.  However, a little ingenuity provided an excellent solution.  Many exhibitors turned to building experience centers or showrooms in their facility as a viable alternative. Interested in how experience centers can benefit your business?  Read more about the benefits here:

Experience Centers Turn Your Facility into a Marketing Machine

When you can’t attend a trade show, experience centers can fulfill the marketing role that your custom trade show exhibit provided.  Sales can invite prospects and leads to the center to essentially give their trade show pitch.  Experience centers can mimic your trade show display with demonstration stations, technology centers, product showcases, and more. If you can imagine it, it can be created.  Using experience centers in this way can help you market to prospects and leads year-round.  You won’t have to wait for an annual trade show any longer.

experience centers Absolute Exhibits showroom

Experience Centers Can Provide a Safe Immersive Environment for People

Post-pandemic, people will understandably feel a little nervous returning to work or visiting other facilities.  A benefit of experience centers is that you can schedule appointments to ensure visitors are socially distanced and the room is clean.  That way it’s not only an immersive environment, it’s also a safe environment.  Depending on the size of the room, one or more people can interact with the demonstration areas, product wall, or technology.  Keeping it appointment only will ensure there’s time to ensure it’s clean and that people can socially distance.

experience centers conference room

Trainings are Hands-on in an Immersive Environment

Experience centers allow for people to get hands-on with their training.  Whether that’s employees, prospects, or customers, people will have an opportunity to better understand products and services. Imagine being able to train someone on a piece of software that controls a specific device.  The experience center could potentially include a mock medical facility or aircraft simulation with that device.  The training would be immersive and immediately connect the trainee with the desired outcome.  Absent experience centers, training may not immediately click with people. It wouldn’t have the same impact that an immersive environment would provide for training.

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There are many ways in which businesses could be using experience centers.  Absolute Exhibits can help guide your business as you decide if this option is right for you.  We can do a site inspection, consultation and full build-out to meet your needs and target budget.  For more information, contact us to start the conversation.

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