Lighting is the Key to Trade Show Floor Success

Never depend on a single source of light for an exhibit display. Use a variety of light sources and can balance them to suit the needs at the time. Poorly located task lighting on workstations causes glare which makes the task harder to see. Making the light more intense only increases the glare which makes vision even worse!

We perceive light that reflects off surfaces. Color and texture on these surfaces impact greatly on the amount and quality of lighting. Consider lighting when you select colors and textures. New lamp designs offer excellent lighting solutions to specific lighting problems.

Selecting well engineered fixtures will reward you with great performance. Fixtures should be selected for what they will do to the light and the space as well as for style. If you must see the light source of a fixture, make sure it is soft so as not to detract your attention from more important features.

Without Additional Floor Lighting you Will Not Get Noticed

Trade Show attendees are drawn to light like moths to a candle. Without light there is no color, form, or texture — period. If your exhibit is not lit properly, let’s be honest, no one will notice it. Always remember that an outstanding exhibit may NOT be seen if it is not properly lit. Lighting will add depth and/or excitement to your exhibit. Most of the time you have less than 5 seconds to capture an attendee’s interest in your exhibit. Do you really think you can do that without lighting?

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