Four Key Elements for Successful Design

Absolute Exhibits has been designing and building trade show exhibits for more than two decades. While accumulating many design awards we never stop daring our team to create new and innovative designs. We have a succinct planning process with multiple client interactions, working with every client one-to-one to plan, design, and execute a trade show experience that exceeds the goals of all.

Successful design planning needs time, energy, creativity, and money. You cannot just show up on the trade show floor and be successful. Considerations must be given to every aspect of the floor experience – to get clients and prospective customers “through the front door.” First you must position your exhibit to take advantage of the traffic flow. Every well thought out show floor has a distinctive natural traffic flow, and you must accommodate it in your design layout.

The Three Second Rule

Then you must consider the three second rule, does your exhibit communicate your key message within three seconds? That’s it – three seconds to capture an attendee’s attention or they move on. Consider simple, declarative text and bold, relevant graphics. No one is reading in three seconds below eye-level. And one bold image ten feet wide and 10 feet tall is far more meaning full than a gallery of 2’x3’ pictures. Branding your exhibit, your literature, your giveaway t-shirts must all have continuity – this makes you memorable.

Plan for storage. Nothing causes more discomfort than clutter. It sends people running for the hills or at least the next aisle. You must have adequate storage for literature, electronics, promotional incentives, along with backpacks, handbags, computer cases and briefcases.

Consider any problems you might have with overcrowding. Just as attendees are hesitant to enter an empty exhibit space, chances are they will shy away from those that are overcrowded. Also is your exhibit structurally stable when filled with attendees? Are their ramps or steps that need to be highlighted?

Money Changes Everything

And then there is the budget. Is this the year to rent your exhibit? Eighty-five percent of our clients rent. Renting allows you to change your look and feel for every show. We have multiple show contracts where we reuse graphics, signage, custom built rental pieces but allow you to change walls, meeting rooms, storage areas, demonstration areas to meet your needs at each show venue.

Allot to consider and nothing that can really be executed two months before a show opening. Give yourself the time to make your design work while answering all these questions. That will equal a stress-free trade show calendar.

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