Successful Exhibitors Know the Art of Promotion

Many years ago, our client ZapCap, the World’s Greatest Bottle Opener rented a 10′ pop-up display with a large header and two smaller full color graphics and took the International Housewares show in Chicago by storm. In fact, on the second day of the show the company owner was demonstrating his product on Good Morning America. Now, do you think that was just happenstance? Or did this gentleman go the extra mile and let the media know he was there?

Press Releases are the Ultimate Key to Success with the Press

Without question, you must prepare a press release to announce your exhibit. In this press release you must give editors and producers explicit reasons why they should take the time to stop at your booth over the other hundreds of exhibitors. This is the time to tell them why you are different and unique. An additional press release idea is to announce that an expert from the company will be available for media interviews. This is an expert – not a salesperson – that can explain the whys and wherefores of your newest product or service.

Your Company Expert will Bring in the Press

Arrange appointments for your expert, have a media press kit with the expert’s bio, company info, and product/service information online. Make sure the press has access to your information online so they can complete their glowing review of your product after they’ve left the show floor. Help the interviewer meet their deadlines with some pre-written text and industry quotes.

That’s how to get into the media. Contact show management and speak to a member of the media staff or a PR contact. Ask them for specific names and find out which print media, broadcast media and any online sites they represent. PR must be planned ahead of time. Waiting until the show begins is too late to grab the media’s attention. The most important thing to remember when coordinating your tradeshow PR activities is this: Meet the press.

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