In the normal world of marketing, things are always changing. From new research to new tools, businesses are constantly challenged to quickly adapt to adjustments. Nowhere is this truer than in the world of digital marketing. Even more so at no time is this more apparent than today – living in the new normal.

Virtual exhibiting and events have been with us for a few years but with the pandemic came the great leap to virtual trade shows and conferences. No matter how effective the platform is that is offered – the truth is simply getting the thousands of attendees to follow the time table for scheduled speakers and meetings and also get them to visit an entire “show floor” while sitting in their office or home in a myriad of time zones has immeasurable drawbacks.

What better way to re-approach your marketing strategy than with a virtual exhibit bilateral communication platform that will deliver real-time statistics? These platforms are a staggering example of the experience you can give your client or prospect while you control the on/off switch. The only calendar is yours. Event days can happen pre-show, during the show, or after the show. Touring your showroom, exploring your manufacturing facility, attending a webinar, and sitting in the auditorium – all this can happen.

What is bilateral communication? Simply it is the ability to speak to one another across the digital platform using audio and video channels. You can easily meet with one or more people inside a meeting room or a secluded lounge area. Additionally, bringing speakers or a webinar event into your auditorium is not just a one-way conversation. Q&A is not writing questions through a LiveChat mechanism. Rather when the speaker or host opens up for questions the actual question asker speaks from their seat. All pretty amazing – but this is what keeps people involved. If they want to stand up and applaud or cheer – they can do that as well.

While we suggest ours, A/V Absolute Virtual, more importantly, whichever platform you choose needs to offer an integrated real-time audio-video communication that allows a two-way conversation with actual people. This is your year-round tool. This is not just for an exhibit show. This works for you 365 days a year. Consider this, your European or Southeast Asian representative can bring all of their clients to the company showroom and tour them in real-time. This is multidimensional marketing to the max.

You might be interested in this white paper, recently published, Today’s New Marketing Strategy, that brings client engagement to light in this physically distanced world.


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