When walking a trade show floor, it’s obvious which trade show booth designs stand out to you.  But why do they stand out versus their competitors?  It really comes down to the level of customization.  Whether your custom trade show exhibit is small or large, it’s the little details that make it stand out head and shoulders above the competition.  Consider the following elements of a custom trade show exhibit that defines it as great:

The Use of a Theme in a Custom Trade Show Exhibit

A custom trade show exhibit with a theme is always something that catches people’s eye at a show.  Imagine attending a produce show and coming upon a life-sized barn, a produce stand, or a greenhouse.  These kinds of themes are clearly not off the shelf.  They’re also incredibly popular and communicate the brand identity to consumers and customers instantly.  There’s no better way to connect a brand with the messaging than a very clear theme in a custom trade show exhibit.

custom trade show exhibit design

The Use of Experiential Marketing in a Custom Trade Show Exhibit

Experiential marketing has grown in significance in the trade show world.  In fact, experiential marketing has exploded across industries.  This is because experiential marketing helps to draw people to the custom trade show exhibit from across the trade show hall.  Imagine being able to play a race car game at a trade show to simulate the speed of a technology or service.  This kind of experiential marketing serves a dual purpose- to get bodies into the booth and to demonstrate aspects of the product. Instead of simply making a scene with models or music, this kind of experiential marketing connects with the branding in a more personal way and is more memorable in the minds of people who visit the custom trade show exhibit.  This is one aspect of what makes it truly great.

trade show booth interactive brand experience

Props in a Custom Trade Show Exhibit

Small or large, props help attract attention in a custom trade show exhibit.  They can serve to attract attention, gain social media engagement, or to communicate your brand story.  The use of a prop should always connect with your core brand identity.  It shouldn’t be something random like a car in the middle of a food show unless that car is an apple cart or something that connects back to the product or its branding.  A custom trade show exhibit with a prop in it is wildly popular and can enhance an exhibitor’s capital at a show with the crowd.

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Interesting or Unique Lighting Draws the Eye in a Custom Trade Show Exhibit

How you use your lighting is a very important part of exhibit design.  A custom trade show exhibit with interesting or unique lighting draws the eye on the trade show floor and can attract more people to the booth space.  It also helps define the custom trade show exhibit as a standout must-see exhibit in a sea of many bland exhibits. While there are many lighting options out there, how this lighting is used is as important as what kind of lighting is used in the custom trade show exhibit. Great exhibits incorporate unique lighting and even colorful lighting in their designs while run of the mill exhibits just put in some canned lighting and call it a day.

trade show display lighting

Living Elements Incorporated into the Design

The use of living walls of greenery is still not a very common occurrence in any trade show exhibit.  It’s still a pleasant surprise to come upon an exhibit and see they’ve got a living wall.  This is an interesting design element which can take a good design and make it great.  No matter the industry, a living wall can be incorporated into a custom trade show exhibit.  We’ve even had a living wall in an exhibit at an oil and gas show, where such a concept is both bold and unexpected.  This boldness to incorporate a living wall of greenery can define a great custom trade show exhibit.

Joulon trade show exhibit Absolute Exhibits

There are many different ideas as to what makes an exhibit great.  These are only a few of countless ways an exhibitor can define themselves on the trade show floor.  For more great ideas, consult your exhibit design house partner.  With decades of experience, they can steer you in the right direction.

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