Let’s face it, not every company has that special someone who can deliver  captivating live presentations. At trade shows, where you’re vying for attention among competitors and industry brands, lacking a skilled presenter can be a challenge. This person needs to be a master at drawing leads from across the show floor to your presentation. Are you that person?

Effective product demos and live presentations can turn prospects into clients in minutes. Conversely, a poor presentation can sway prospects away. Luckily, there are companies that provide live presentation specialists. They can act as your spokesperson for a few days or even handle your entire marketing campaign. The goal of the presenter is to captivate the audience and facilitate communication between the exhibitor and trade show attendees. Enthusiasm is key to sparking sales, and the right presenter will ensure your advertising message resonates.

Before your next trade show, identify someone within your company who has the demeanor, confidence, voice, and product knowledge to act as your spokesperson. If your company lacks such a person, you can easily hire one. Provide them with data sheets, training materials, and more to deliver a message that resonates with attendees. Collaborate on messaging and delivery for a successful show—because if the message doesn’t land, hiring anyone at all would be a waste.

By enhancing your customer service, you can boost your business’s bottom line and exceed your clients’ expectations. Remember, lower prices aren’t a substitute for great service—they’re just lower prices.

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