Trade shows have become very competitive venues to attract new business and exhibit your goods and services.  At times, it can feel like a race to the bottom to outspend your competitor and people lose sight of the overall trade show experience they’re providing for leads, prospects and customers.

Have you thought about what trade show experience you’re actually providing?  Do you know how you’re perceived on the trade show floor?  Is your ROI reflective of that trade show experience?  It might be worth a review of the elements that contribute to a positive experience:

Educate Attendees for a Better Trade Show Experience 

When people take time off of work to attend a trade show, one of their foremost goals is to learn something from the conference.  This extends to the trade show floor as well.  Sure, people might be looking for a new product or service that you provide, but they may also be looking to learn more about what’s new in the industry.  If you’re not educating attendees as a part of your trade show experience, you could be missing a critical connection with a significant portion of trade show attendees.  Education could come in many forms- demonstrations, commercial teasers inviting people to come into your trade show booth to learn more or displays taking them on a journey through your brand story.  Is your trade show display providing this critical trade show experience? If there’s doubt, it might be time to rethink your design and approach.

trade show display design

Entertain People at the Trade Show

Nobody has to tell an exhibitor how long and exhausting a trade show can truly feel.  After a while, attendees start to feel weary, worn out from being called to different booths by people like carnival barkers to sell sell sell.  People, places, and companies start to blur together.  Their trade show experience at this point is not very positive.  That’s where entertainment comes into play.  Realign people’s trade show experience by entertaining them.  Put on a show with some street performers, offer selfie shots with interesting props, introduce a game into your trade show booth.  By offering a source of entertainment in an otherwise dull and dreary trade show experience, you’re better able to attract people to your booth and better able to connect with them on the trade show floor.  This doesn’t have to be elaborate to lift people up and provide a positive trade show experience.  It can be something as small as a plinko game.  Consult your team for ideas how you can entertain weary trade show attendees in your trade show booth.

Snappy Gifts trade show exhibit design

Invest in Some Attractive Giveaways in Your Trade Show Booth 

Giveaways can be a tricky subject.  There are some people who think that if you buy 1000 pens, attendees will want them.  While some may, pens don’t provide the kind of lasting trade show experience you want lingering in people’s minds.  Think outside of the box like unique items that may relate to your goods or services. For example, if you’re in the aerospace business, consider giving out old fashioned aviator leather helmets or gloves to prize winners.  These kinds of unique giveaways are attractive to people and are memorable because of the positive trade show experience you’re providing.  Think outside the box instead of just turning to pens and calling it a day.

unique trade show giveaways

With a little thought and ingenuity, you can provide an exceptional trade show experience and stand out from your competitors without having to break the bank on trade show exhibit design.  For more great ideas, consult your exhibit house partner.  With decades of experience, they’ve seen it all and know what works and what doesn’t to help you achieve your goals.

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