As a company’s trade show booth footprint grows larger on the trade show floor, there’s one thing that you often find in common with other larger exhibitors- the inclusion of at least one conference room.  It makes sense why you’d want a conference room.  These spaces allow for semi-private business meetings, presentations, an immersive environment for new clients, or even a space to offer current clients sneak peeks at new offerings.  Depending upon your trade show booth space, there are various ways to integrate a conference room into your design that doesn’t feel forced or take up more space than necessary.

Build Up, Not Out in Your Trade Show Booth

When exhibitors want to maximize their space, it’s a good idea to build up, not out.  That means when designing your custom trade show exhibit, consider adding a double-deck.  The top deck can be transformed into a lounge area to offer people a relaxing area to do demos, relax, catch up and solidify their relationships.  Alternatively, it can also be used for a more formal semi-private meeting room.  This is an easy integration into your trade show booth and can be an enclosed space with frosted glass, a table and chairs and a/v equipment inside to facilitate meetings, presentations, and more.

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Integrate Your Conference Room at the Back of Your Trade Show Booth Space

If you’re looking for an unobtrusive way to provide a more private space to engage in meetings, try placing it near the back of your trade show booth.  Focus on the eye catching “wow” factor at the front and place your meeting space in the rear.  This won’t detract from your design, especially if you’ve got something special to capture people’s attention in the front.  It also offers your business partners, customers, and prospects a more private feeling without wondering if all eyes are on them during the show.

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Engage in Some Cleverly Designed Obfuscation in Your Trade Show Booth

Do you want to ensure your conference room is really private?  Don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb on the side of your trade show display? Then incorporate some interesting design elements that obscure your conference room. A clever design element may open to a cafe but the door to the side may be a conference room tucked away inside the trade show booth.  Some businesses want to maximize their conference room privacy.  This can easily be accommodated by shielding it behind an interesting design element that otherwise distracts people.  As part of the overall design, an interesting wall may really be placed there in order to ensure business meetings are private and remain so on the trade show floor.

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Build an Immersive Environment in Your Trade Show Booth

Do you want to take your business partners on a journey through your brand story?  Perhaps you want them to feel what it’s like to use your technology.  Try building an immersive environment for your conference room.  Immersive environments are very popular on the trade show floor, but they can just as easily be made into a conference room in your trade show booth.  Visuals, audio, all of this can be turned on or off for effect to emphasize your presentation or to introduce prospects to your brand.

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There are many approaches to integrating a conference room into your trade show booth space.  Depending upon your square footage, your placement on the show floor and your goals, you might opt for one of these popular methods.  For more great ideas, ask your exhibit house partner.  With decades in the industry, their experience can help to point you in the right direction.

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