As many nations are reopening society, we have all done so in various ways.  Here, in the US, some businesses have gotten creative with their solutions.  One gym owner wrapped machines in shower curtains to create social distancing. Other businesses are still trying to figure out how and when they can reopen their business safely.  The good news is there are a variety of business pandemic recovery tools that you can use to enhance the safety of your employees, customers, vendors and visitors.  Consider the following business pandemic recovery options that Absolute Exhibits is offering today:

Face Coverings for Business Pandemic Recovery

In many counties and states within the US, there was some backlash against wearing masks or face coverings.  But statistics showed over 73% of Americans were in favor of wearing masks.  One of the easiest ways for businesses to take steps towards business pandemic recovery is to implement a requirement within the office, store, salon, restaurant or facility to wear face coverings.  Wearing a face covering is an important first step towards business pandemic recovery because it provides a visual cue to keep your distance and practice healthy habits. Wearing a mask or face covering protects others and shows them the respect you have for their own health and safety.

business pandemic recovery tools face coverings face masks

Absolute Exhibits is helping business pandemic recovery by offering custom corporate face coverings.  This means you can brand your face covering with your company logo and even personalize it with a name.  They are soft, comfortable, lined, and come in a variety of sizes so a smaller person doesn’t have a baggy face covering.  In fact, we wear ours in our offices and in our manufacturing facilities. It’s an easy first step towards business pandemic recovery.

Custom Printed Signage to Facilitate Business Pandemic Recovery

Signage is an important step in your business pandemic recovery.  How will people know what’s expected of them on-site if they don’t see a sign? How will they know a safe path through your facility if you don’t have social distancing floor decals to point the way? All businesses need signage and they need it now.  Whether that’s to announce to prospective customers that you’ve reopened your doors or to communicate health and safety requirements, these are critical.  We have large format printers, CNC cutting machines, and 2 manufacturing facilities full of a variety of fabrics and materials that we can turn around in a matter of days.

business pandemic recovery tools custom signage

Business Pandemic Recovery Partitions for Social Distancing

As more businesses reopen, part of their business pandemic recovery plan is the use of partitions.  These can include sneeze guards, dividers between booths in restaurants, or even partitions between cubicles in an office setting.  Your business pandemic recovery will be unique to your location but partitions are smart ideas to enhance people’s safety.  Absolute Exhibits can manufacture all of these products for your business.  Whether that’s a simple shield between salon chairs or a custom-designed divider between restaurant booths to enhance social distancing, we can do it all. We’re consulting with business owners now to help them to reopen safely with visual cues that they are taking recommended safety measures seriously.

 restaurant business pandemic recovery tools

Office Build Out Options for Business Pandemic Recovery

Some offices have begun to worry deeply about their business pandemic recovery plan.  After open plan offices became so popular, they finally made the leap.  Then the global pandemic happened and they’re wondering how to put people back to work safely without having to rebuild the office.  The great news is Absolute Exhibits can build temporary rental structures for a workplace refresh that doesn’t require a permit, knocking down walls, or anything.  You can trust the team that can build a small city in a convention center in a matter of days to deliver superior results. We can work with any kind of office configuration.  When you’re done with the structures or feel they’re no longer necessary, we can take them back.  You don’t have to engage a contractor, wait around to see how long they might take to even show up, and then begin getting permits.  We’re faster, skilled in this work, and don’t require you to go out of your way to get permits or make any changes to your walls.

workplace refresh 

Showrooms or Experience Centers On-Site at Your Location

If your business can’t gather to present prospects and leads with an up-close and personal look at your goods and services, you’ve got options.  Absolute Exhibits can take the concept you had for your trade show exhibit and instead build out a showroom or experience center on-site.  Whether this is for outdoor events or indoor displays, we’ve got the experience and design capabilities to create something very special for you. Showrooms and experience centers have been climbing in popularity over the years but can be a critical part of your business pandemic recovery.  These kinds of solutions can drive growth in sales at a time when many businesses certainly need it.

experience centers conference room

Virtual Trade Show Exhibit Experiences for Business Pandemic Recovery

If we can’t yet gather, how will you share your products and services with prospects and leads who might be across the globe?  The answer is with a virtual trade show exhibit experience.  Imagine being able to take someone through your trade show exhibit with learning stations along the way so people can hear more about your solutions.  You can create an immersive experience that simulates your in-person trade show experience.  This is a powerful business pandemic recovery tool that you can use to reach people that may not be able to or want to travel to your business location.

business pandemic recovery tools video trade show booth experience

As we all try to reopen safely and get back to some semblance of “normal,” there are a variety of business pandemic recovery tools available to help your business along the way.  Absolute Exhibits has the ability to manufacture and design each of these business pandemic recovery tools listed above.  Call us for a free consultation to get the process started.  (714) 685-2800 or toll free at (888) 760-6555.  Our team is actively working to fulfill many of these projects right now with sales, design, project management, and installation crews at the ready.

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