Close evaluation saves time, money, and sometimes your job

To evaluate the bottom-line price of an Absolute Exhibits sales order to another exhibit house sales order we always ask that you compare “apples to apples.”  While this seems to be a simple request, we have a few pointers to make certain that you are making a complete comparison:

Absolute Exhibits does not estimate

Any sales order line containing the word Estimate from another exhibit house or show contractor is just that, an approximation – no matter what figure appears in the final column, those are estimated costs and will include a bill after your show.

Absolute Exhibits gives the full billable I&D pricing upfront

No post show billing. Most exhibit houses do not include a price for I&D.  Whether they have their own company or in most cases use a 3rd party vendor these will be estimates typically based on the lowest priced straight time hourly fee multiplied by the number of estimated hours to install and dismantle a project.  It is a rare instance that a project can be installed and dismantled completely on straight time.

Absolute Exhibits rental sales orders include:

  1. Designated project manager
  2. Complimentary design & revisions
  3. Conversion of design to engineered drawings
  4. Completion of show paperwork
  5. In-house graphic production of all printed graphics including dye sublimation hanging signs and walls
  6. All flooring & furnishings
  7. A/V equipment and installation
  8. Union labor I&D
  9. Labor supervision
  10. Round trip shipping

If you have extra charges that include additional travel expenses, post show labor, project management fees, or third-party vendor charges or any estimated fees remember to calculate those expenses against the AE sales order. The unknown can be your worst nightmare.

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