Large or small, trade shows attract a number of exhibitors all vying for the attention of the same customers.  If you don’t understand how customer line of sight can increase your trade show booth traffic, then take some tips from us to improve your trade show display design:

Entry Ways and Trade Show Display Design

What draws one person’s attention over another’s and encourages them to visit a trade show booth can be wildly different.  However, an important part of your trade show display design is your entry way.  Is there a clear entry way? Is it interesting, informative, bright, technology forward?  Or are there many hindrances to entering a trade show booth.  You may think that having 32 reception and demo counters crowded into your trade show display design is a good idea, but in execution, this could deter people from entering the booth space itself.  The reason why is that if they feel there isn’t enough space for them to enter, they’ll pass on by for another exhibitor, potentially your competition. Make good use of your entry ways in your trade show display design to ensure that you exploit customers’ line of sight to encourage entrance.

20x20 trade show booth

Signage and Trade Show Display Design

For many people, signage is one of the first things in their line of sight when they enter a crowded exhibit hall.  Is your signage optimized in your trade show display design?  Is it double sided, is there motion, lights?  Consider the many ways in which you can immediately stand out from the crowd and attract customers’ line of sight.  This can include double- sided hanging signs with LED strips of lighting.  This is an excellent component of trade show display design to stand out without spending the kind of money a blue-chip brand can spend on a massive trade show exhibit.

exhibit signage

Unique Customizations to Your Trade Show Display Design

Boring cookie- cutter exhibits aren’t the kind that will attract the attention of customers in the exhibit hall.  With only seconds to interest someone, a custom design is much more likely to capture interest.  Would you want to visit a row of boring exhibits or would you be more excited about a custom trade show display design with some unique features?  This could include technology elements nobody expected, specialty lighting, or even props that stand out as a significant part of the trade show display design.

trade show exhibit signage

There are many ways to capture people’s attention, but by focusing on what customers will look at first in their line of sight, you can ensure your exhibit design speaks to more people and encourages more traffic through your virtual front door.  For more great ideas, ask your Account Executive while you discuss design ideas.

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