How to Achieve Trade Show Success

There are some very troublesome pre-conceived notions about the sudden death of trade shows. Most people are very excited about trade shows returning this past year as they have missed the product touching and feeling, the face-to-face conversations, and the overall excitement of being free to roam the trade show floor.

Investing time, energy, and money in the right manner will result in trade show success. Not utilizing this most important marketing method is an opportunity wasted for any company. However, you must be strategic. The most important aspect of ensuring your success at your trade show is the time and effort spent on pre-show marketing. This is not the time to sit back and let the show association do your work. You need to reconnect with existing customers and prospects to reveal that you are going to be a commanding presence on the show floor, and you look forward to seeing them in your exhibit space. Using social media is also a key factor in making your plans known.

Focus Marketing Efforts to the Serious Side

Trade shows are no longer about cocktails, games, and fun. Rather, the company should be focused on pre-show promotions, on-site client meetings, and following up with prospective customers. Many companies have missed two years of shows and just showing up and blowing steam will not appeal to serious minded attendees with fixed agendas, limited show time, and upper management expecting results.

Trade shows and displays can be expensive; however you can always find high-quality exhibits at the fraction of a cost if you know where to look for them. Working with the right exhibit house, opening yourself up to new suggestions, can help you receive maximum results with minimum investment. All shows are not the same and iIt is very important to understand that each show has a distinct audience and one needs to present themselves in a unique way each time to attract their attention.

Brand Identity is the Goal

If you have a strong presence on the show floor, there is no way that your booth is going to be ignored. Set your brand identity plan and make your company a player. Do not just stand in your exhibit at the trade show – become a speaker, a part of a discussion group, seek out press members – get yourself known. Ensure that you only bring staff members who are well-versed with your product or service, and train them on how to impress the attendees on trade shows. Companies tend to send the wrong people to the tradeshow and end up squander a great opportunity to get more leads.

Learn how to gather true trade show leads and then do not fritter away their potential. Fishbowl collection is beyond passe. The quality of lead generation is a by-product of pre-show planning, training of the booth staff, and a timely follow-up post the show. This is where the true work comes in both at the show and when you return to the office, finding a great customer takes time, enthusiasm, and patience.

The value of face-to-face interaction will never die; consequently, trade shows will retain their importance. It is always motivating for prospects to see in-person the competence of a business before investing time and money. No one can look you in the eye or shake your hands in virtual trade shows. A virtual show has many distinct capabilities but that does not include replacing the traditional ones any time soon.

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