If you’re like many other exhibitors, you’re probably concerned about your impact on the environment.  Many exhibitors voice this concern and wonder how to go green with their trade show display.  The good news is there are a variety of ways to accomplish this goal without sacrificing style or design in the process.  Consider the following ways you can “go green” with your trade show display:

Rent, Don’t Purchase Your Trade Show Display

When you purchase your trade show display, many exhibitors trot it out once a year and often end up abandoning it for a newer design in about three to five years.  This can be a waste of materials to use it so infrequently.  Instead of purchasing your exhibit, rent it.  By renting your trade show display, you’ll be using recycled materials that have been used many other times before.  Your counter may have been to 50 trade shows before you use it.  Renting can be a great option if you’re wondering about your environmental impact as a result of your trade show display.

trade show display green alternatives

Go Paperless and Embrace Digital

Often, one of the most wasteful parts of exhibiting are the printed brochures and flyers that people bring to a trade show.  The reality is, people just don’t read them anyways.  These items end up strewn about the trade show floor or they end up in the hotel waste basket.  Instead of contributing to the wasted paper, embrace digital.  Offer product demonstration stations in your trade show booth or touch screens.  Not only will this enhance your interactivity with prospects and leads, it looks very polished.  Paper brochures and flyers don’t look as polished on the trade show floor.  You can not only go green by eliminating them, but you can also present a more polished appearance.

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Use LED Lighting in Your Trade Show Display

LED lighting has become very popular among not only home owners, but exhibitors.  If you’re not already using it, you’re missing out on a great way to go green with your trade show display.  LED lighting uses significantly less energy than traditional fluorescent lighting options.  The Energy Department estimates it uses 80% less energy than fluorescent lighting.  Additionally, LED lighting lasts longer with 25,000 hours of lighting time, which means it can be used again and again without replacement for a very long time.  Still not convinced? LED lighting also contains no mercury, a known toxic contaminant to the environment.  Not only do LED lights have a positive impact on the environment, but they also look good.  By simply switching your lighting choices, you can not only make environmentally conscious decisions with your trade show display, but you can also present a nicer appearance on the show floor.

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Use Environmentally Friendly Materials in Your Trade Show Display

Traditionally, a custom trade show display is made out of wood.  However, if you’re concerned about the environment, you can embrace more environmentally friendly materials and incorporate items such as metal, polished stone, or even bamboo in your trade show display.  All of these look great on the show floor when you’ve got a great design.  Your choice in alternative materials can reduce deforestation and present a polished look on the show floor. It’s a win-win for you.

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Incorporate a Living Wall in Your Trade Show Display

Living walls are becoming incredibly popular on the trade show floor.  They not only look great, but they provide a sense of balance in your trade show display.  A living wall can contribute more oxygen into the air of the exhibit hall and help offset some of the carbon monoxide in the air.  It’s also very stylish. A living wall looks lush and inviting to people as they pass your trade show display.

trade show booth design

There are many options for exhibitors who want to go green with their trade show display.  These are just a few that you may want to consider prior to designing your next exhibit.  For more great ideas, ask your exhibit house partner what they would recommend.  Different industries may have different options available to them that they can recommend.

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