Transparency Benefits the Client

Absolute Exhibits works transparently in terms of openness, communication, and accountability. We deem our method of pre-determined pricing to be the least complex, and most beneficial to our clients. We calculate pricing by combining the exhibit rental price including graphics, flooring, furnishings, and A/V equipment and add to that shipping costs to the show and returning to the warehouse, using a standard fee for Las Vegas and Orlando and a per mile fee for all other venues.

No Stone Goes Unturned

The final number is determined when a calculation is made for the installation and dismantle of the exhibit using the dates and times provided by the show along with our pre-determined hours for the actual set-up, as well as targeted times and wait times moving the exhibit into the hall. Most shows are a combination of straight time, overtime, and in some cases double time as dictated by the show hours and days, we account for this within our sales order. We do not add to an I&D bill once a show is completed. We have pre-determined the price to our clients and that price remains the same, thus no post-show billing.

Changes on your Bill

Only in instances where a client has requested additional work or supplementary furnishings can a bill change. That is how to read the final figure on your bill. There are never estimates. Estimates are most often billed as straight time with no wait times for receiving freight or electricians, or forklifts. These voids on a sales order can create large discrepancies in the final billing. Absolute Exhibits sales order is your final billing.

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