Exhibiting is not a task for the fearful.  Trade shows are large environments where hundreds and sometimes thousands of exhibitors erect a structure hoping to capture visitors’ attention within seconds.  That means to stand out from the crowd you need a trade show display that sets you apart from the rest of your competition.  However, if budget is a concern, there are many great ways you can stand out on a trade show floor with great trade show display design.  Consider how you might integrate the following trade show display design ideas into your next booth:

Integrate Living Walls into Your Trade Show Display Design

Living walls are becoming incredibly popular on the trade show floor.  When you’ve got greenery integrated into your trade show display design, it captures people’s attention.  They instinctively want to touch it to find out if it’s real.  Often, people are struck by the juxtaposition of the greenery alongside technology.  And in many cases, people start to feel a sense of balance and restoration.  When you integrate a living wall or elements of one into your trade show display design, you can be sure to stand out in the crowd.

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Make Custom Lighting a Part of Your Trade Show Display Design

One of the things that stands out the most on the trade show floor is custom lighting.  The trade show hall is often dark, so lighting is critical to your trade show display design.  When that lighting is also unique or custom to your trade show display design, it stands out even further.  Custom lighting can be a big draw to your trade show exhibit and encourage people to take a closer look at your products.  Consider how you can customize your lighting to stand out from your competition at a trade show- color, shape, placement.  There are many options to use custom lighting in your display so yours is the trade show booth people want to visit.

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Make Your Trade Show Display Graphics Colorful

You can easily stand out at a trade show without the need for spending thousands of extra dollars on structural elements of your trade show display design.  By focusing on your trade show display graphics and integrating color, you can set yourself apart from a sea of white or beige booths across the hall.  The trade show display design with the use of bright colors will naturally stand out and capture people’s attention.  If your brand’s colors aren’t particularly bright, a great exhibit house designer can still help you integrate lots of color to stand out on the trade show floor.

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Embrace the Sense of Touch in Your Trade Show Display Design 

Every exhibitor on the trade show floor is focusing on their visuals as a part of their trade show display design.  So why not also engage their sense of touch?  Offering touch screens as a part of your trade show display can attract curious and interested trade show attendees.  It can also quickly and easily inform them, entertain them, and engage them, making it far more likely they’ll linger in your trade show booth longer.  How will you engage people’s sense of touch?  There are many different ways you can do this from an iPad in a stand at the edge of your display to a custom touch screen hanging in your display.  Consider that both options are great ways to integrate into your trade show display design, but at different ends of the spectrum budget wise.

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Provide a More Immersive Experience with Your Trade Show Display Design

What’s really lacking at trade shows is immersion.  When you truly immerse your desired audience in your trade show display design, you gain the ability to take your customers on a journey.  That journey could be through your product line, your adaptability, and how you can provide superior services to them ultimately.  Ideas for this kind of immersive experience include creating a trade show exhibit that might look like its own self-contained room.  Consider how sheltering visitors from the rest of the trade show exhibitors will allow them to focus on your brand story.


These are just some of many ways you can use your trade show display design to stand out at a trade show.  For more great ideas, ask your Account Executive what they would suggest given your brand, your industry, and your specific show.



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