Returning to Trade Shows with Panache

If you have never rented an exhibit this may just be your ticket back to the trade show floor. With many companies scaling back to test the waters and with others going big to make a splash on the show floor, a rental exhibit may just be your answer. Rental exhibits offer design flexibility and convenience. As we ramp back up after the pandemic, we predict that rentals will lead the way.

Do you know the right questions to ask your vendor so that no unforeseen charges come your way? Do you know what is included in your rental? Many companies offer rental exhibits, but few offer true rental programs that cover all the bases for you. No one wants to be hit with surprises, especially with things that could break your bank. Rentals offer more design flexibility and less hassle; you can literally change your exhibit design for every show. Plus, you will never have storage costs or staging issues to deal with.

Why Rent your Next Exhibit

  • Multiple Show Rentals. Are multiple show discounts available for rental exhibits? Yes, we offer discounts for multiple show commitments including international shows. We offer storage services for personal exhibit materials and for multiple show rentals we will store the graphics at no charge.
  • Existing owned exhibit equipment. Does it ever make sense to combine some rental components with an already owned existing exhibit? Many exhibitors blend rental components with their existing exhibit. Renting workstations, kiosks, or other accessories will allow you to mix and match components depending on your show requirements. In addition, it allows you to “test-drive” components to see if there is a long-term need.
  • You may own the main structure but need a tower or a conference room – we can help in all instances.
  • References. How will I be assured of a high-quality exhibit and that the graphics will fit correctly? Always ask for examples and references. We have many people that were willing to speak on our behalf, some in your industry. Additionally, we offer a catalogue we call Renderings to Reality to show how your display will look exactly like our rendering.
  • Installation and Dismantle. Is I & D (installation and dismantle) typically included with rentals? We offer full turnkey services. We install all our rental equipment.
  • Damages. Who is responsible for damages that may occur during the set-up or take-down? If so, what is typically considered wear and tear versus outright damage? Since we are performing the I&D service it is our responsibility to deliver a clean exhibit. We understand that our exhibit components are going to suffer some normal scuffs and scratches. Once we have delivered the booth for the show additional holes or gouges may incur a repair or replacement fee to cover costs.
  • Shipping Costs. Shipping is included in the price of your rental exhibit.
  • Customization. How much customization is typically offered with rental exhibits? It is virtually impossible to walk a show floor today and identify which exhibits are rental versus purchased. WE custom design for every client and use many custom elements from previous rental exhibits as well. Quite often, a few custom elements added to the design can give the entire design a custom look. If you are on a multiple show contract using the same exhibit and graphics your costs are considerably lower the second time around.

Take the Applause – you Deserve It

Renting an exhibit can bring an entire new world to your doorstep and remove many stress points of exhibiting. It certainly is worth looking into this alternative method of exhibiting at your next trade show.

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