What does it mean to be an international exhibit house?  It means you have a presence on the ground, an office, people, and the ability to be present at a trade show should your US client decide to attend a show in Paris.  There are obviously many benefits to working with an international exhibit house, including the following:

An International Exhibit House Allows for Consistent Branding

Whether your team is exhibiting in Las Vegas or in Munich, Germany, your brand is presented consistently when you work with an international exhibit house.  They’ve already got an understanding of your brand story, unique value proposition and messaging.  They are easily able to translate this, whether from a massive trade show booth to a smaller paired down booth. This is extremely important as relationships define the success of your trade show exhibit design.

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An International Exhibit House Understands Local Language and Customs

If your team is in Germany to exhibit and doesn’t speak the language, it can be intimidating.  What if the show forms are wrong?  What if you’ve just agreed to spending thousands more dollars?  The good news is that with an international exhibit house, you’ll have a Project Manager on the ground to help navigate these waters for you.  They’ll be able to speak the language, assist you with show forms, and all of the important things that can bring a greater sense of calm and ease to you. Understanding the local language, customs, and opportunities places your team in a much better position to exhibit abroad successfully.

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Your Team Can Work with Your Local Sales Executive

The beauty of working with an international exhibit house is that while you may be using them to exhibit in Europe, Asia, and Orlando, you’ll be able to work with your sales executive in your own local time.  How frustrating is it for many American companies to try and gain service in real time when they’re trying to deal with an exhibit house a continent away with no local assistance?  By working with an international exhibit house you gain access to someone you can speak to in your own time zone.

If you’re an American company looking to break into new markets such as Europe, Austra-Asia, Dubai or beyond, your best bet is to go with an international exhibit house with a base in the United States.  This will be of great help to you as you navigate the often confusing waters of exhibiting abroad.  With this kind of support in your back pocket, it’ll turn into a breeze for your team.  You may soon find yourself breaking into more and more markets because of your comfort levels.

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