How do you stand out across the trade show floor?  There are many ways you can think of ranging from the inexpensive to the expensive trade show exhibit design elements.  However, two trade show exhibit design elements that work well are light and color.  Consider the following ways in which your business can use light and color to attract more attendees to your trade show booth.

Use Backlit Sectional Fabric in Your Trade Show Exhibit Design

When you use backlit sectional fabric, you’re able to use light to attract attendees’ eyes from various areas of the trade show floor.  Whether people are looking at your trade show booth from the front, a side angle, or the back, the lighting catches their eyes and causes people to take notice.  This lightweight and inexpensive tool appears very modern and stylish as well.  Your business can highlight your messaging from various angles with this trade show exhibit design element.

trade show booth design

Light Up Your Logo

One of the best ways to draw more attendees to your tradeshow booth is to light up your logo at the top of your trade show exhibit.  Illuminated logos catch people’s eyes in a sea of hanging signs and stand out among the crowd.  When this is against a matte background, the contrast really shows.  This is why it’s such a useful trade show exhibit design element.  Consider how you may illuminate your logo- will you back light it or internally illuminate it? There are a variety of possibilities to consider.

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Use Bold Colors

Across the trade show floor, the trade show booths that stand out the most are bright and colorful.  In a sea of muted colors, something bright really stands out and draws attendees’ eyes.  This is why color is such an important element of trade show exhibit design.  If you’ve got a color palette in mind, talk to your exhibit house design partner and consider how you can enhance your existing logo and freshen things up with some bold colors in the booth.  Stand out with colors that delight people’s senses and avoid those that repel people or cause them to make negative associations with your brand.  Your exhibit design house partner can make recommendations based on their years of experience.

trade show exhibit design

Illuminate Your Display Cases and Interactive Elements

Whether you use hanging lights or illuminated glass, illuminating your display cases and other interactive elements of your trade show booth is a great way to draw attendees to your booth.  People want to know what these display cases hold, what you’re offering and when they’re all lit up, their curiosity is piqued.  Lighting used in this way is an important part of trade show exhibit design that is also versatile.  It really helps draw the crowd to check out your products.

trade show exhibit design

Video and Video Walls or Signage

If you really want to grab attendees’ attention at a trade show, try using a video wall or video signage.  Video is bright, incorporates movement and draws people’s eyes to this trade show exhibit design element from across the trade show floor.  If you can incorporate video into your trade show exhibit design, you’ll have the benefits of color, motion, and light.  All of this combines into something very interesting to trade show attendees.

trade show booth

If you’re looking for a great way to spice up your trade show exhibit design, consider these various design elements.  The more you can draw attention to your trade show booth, the more you can entice more leads and prospects to come in and have a conversation about your goods and services.

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