Best Audience in the World for Product Unveilings and Promotions

You can gain invaluable insight directly from the attendees at a trade show about what they think of your product offering. Launching a new product or product line is one of the best reasons to exhibit at a trade show. Trade shows give you the opportunity for a live, captive audience, and provide an ideal way to get your product in the hands of your targeted consumer demographic. While a product launch at your trade show booth offers an impressive opportunity the process still requires careful strategy and execution to ensure you don’t leave business on the show floor.

Finalizing relevant marketing materials in an outline and using this outline to create a website or webpage is the first assignment. Creating new graphics, gathering testimonials, starting your social media campaign should all be listed and assigned. Promotion through social media will get the attendees to the front of your exhibit. Use the trade show press room to contact the attending media participants well in advance to allow them to preview your products so they can support your launch with a feature piece of their own.

Press Coverage, Promotional “At-Show Pricing,” Free Samples

Everyone working your exhibit does not need to be a salesperson. People behind the scenes lend credibility and answers that salespeople may not be able to give.  Try using engineers or designers from your company who worked on the product as well, as they are great resources for the background and logistical questions. Remember, nothing gathers a crowd like a crowd! Again, post demonstration times on social media and make it entertaining.

As a final point, the best way to get your new corporate items into the hands of your targeted consumer market is to offer promotional discounts and/or free samples at the event. Giving the expo audience special consumer perks will boost their brand loyalty to your business and enhance the chance that they’ll seek out your merchandise long after the convention has ended.

Launching a product at a trade show is a major marketing feat, so make sure you’ve planned accordingly and promoted yourself accordingly. Never underestimate the power of promoting. Don’t be afraid to post pictures to social media sites during the show to give you an extra boost and draw more people while you’re already there. Attendees talk, so give them something to talk about.

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