Building Toward the Future

Our Strategic Asset Management service helps owners protect their trade show exhibit properties while planning for future growth and development.  We can scale to client goals, needs, and budget.  Your tradeshow and exhibit properties represent a significant investment. For every trade show or event your booth properties arrive on time, are installed and dismantled carefully, are repaired when needed and stored in a safe environment.

Even the highest quality exhibit needs a refresher from time to time. We offer complete maintenance service to keep your tradeshow booth exhibit floor ready. With a signed Strategic Asset Management contract between shows we inspect and clean your exhibit to address any instances of normal wear and tear and with your approval we make any necessary repairs.  Updating graphics, rearranging, or repurposing components and resurfacing displays are all economical solutions to upgrading your tradeshow exhibit without incurring the expense of a brand-new booth.

Asset Maintenance Must be a Priority

When you have invested in a tradeshow exhibit, you want to do everything you can to keep it in the best condition possible.  In between shows, storage is available in one of our fully equipped and secure warehouses in Las Vegas or Orlando.  With a signed Strategic Asset Management contract, we reset your exhibit on our warehouse floor, inspect, photograph and inventory the exhibit so that there are never any surprises at installation of your next trade show.

Logistics for clients with a large set of material assets or a long calendar of trade show events our real‐time on‐ line order placement software and asset management technology is user friendly and easy to deploy. It’s a web‐based exhibit and event application software offering an ordering program, and a centralized system for trade show asset management. Its streamlined work process, coupled with client interaction portals, allows for 24/7 access anywhere, anytime, all in a secure, password protected environment. It will keep track of all your shows and maintain your inventory, keeping you in tune to all your show activity.  This system locked with a project coordinator will allow a much less stressful way to manage trade show assets and logistics.

The inventory can include photographs and descriptions of your displays and products, and you can include files, drawings, and instructions.  You can enter show information such as location and booth number, and then pick your products from the inventory, with a shopping cart system that shows the current items selected. You can add the set-up times, organize the show services and schedule the shipment, while receiving confirmations via e‐mails for each step. Your company salespeople can have access to the software to order the display components they need for regional shows. This easy-to-use program will allow you to manage your shows, save you money and organize your trade show properties.

Trade show exhibit ownership responsibilities after the purchase and installation and dismantle of your first exhibit should be seamless.   Major issues are noted by you, your account executive if on sight, your Project Coordinator, and your I&D lead supervisor.  The exhibit is shipped to the Absolute Exhibits warehouse and depending on the season, the timing of your next show, a date is set to perform an asset management.  A sales order is sent with pricing and a place for client signature and upon return this begins. Asset management can also be a preset plan in the original sales order with payment arrangements within that sales order.  This sales order will come from your account executive or in some cases from the account executive in charge of I&D.  Your previous project coordinator will also be part of this team.

Watching your Bottom Line

Simply if you are doing a major refurbishment or redesign of your exhibit, you will be working with your account executive otherwise the I&D account executive will work with you and your project coordinator. Once the asset management begins the warehouse floor installation will proceed and a series of pictures of areas that need attention will be taken.  These can be simple chips to a laminate counter‐top or a structural change based on a design change. The Warehouse Manager will send the pictures and refurbishment report to the PC, who in turn will share this with the AE or I&D AE.  They will retrieve pricing for all items from the Director of Design.  A phone call and email will be made to you and your decisions can be made.

A new sales order with all charges along with the I&D sales order will be created for your next trade show. Repairs will be made; the exhibit will be packed and sent to the Advanced Warehouse or to the show floor.  I&D will be done and the process can happen again or you can move to your next show without an asset management or repair contract.  This is your call as the client/owner of your exhibit. Exhibit Ownership Responsibilities Exhibit ownership is not just a buy and fly experience.  All of the responsibilities of show damages including small damages, design changes, trade show floor accidents such as forklift punctures are the client responsibility.  Working with Absolute Exhibits provides you a Project Coordinator that will aid you in paperwork, conversations with show management, the handling of logistics.  There is not a charge for this element of your trade show experience however please always keep in mind that once another I&D company enters the picture Absolute Exhibits cannot be responsible for their work or the dismantle and repacking of an exhibit.  Asset management must be done before the next I*D can be arranged by our team to take your exhibit to a trade show floor.

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