The larger a corporation becomes, the more likely they are to want to add various brands to their trade show exhibit.  Unfortunately, the customer isn’t always aware of how they want to accomplish this feat or what they should keep in mind when attempting to show multiple brands in their trade show exhibit.  That’s why we’re here to help.  Try the following tips to ensure each brand is represented well and the trade show exhibit feels cohesive:

Decide on a Theme or Color Scheme for Your Trade Show Exhibit

One of the most important aspects of integrating multiple brands in a trade show exhibit is to make them feel unified.  This can be accomplished by deciding up front on an overarching theme, feel, or color scheme that should be present throughout.  Otherwise, exhibitors run the risk of the entire trade show booth feeling out of place or discordant.  Trade show attendees often feel connections to certain trade show exhibit designs, so a sense of discord or messiness might potentially turn them off.  You want your trade show exhibit to feel inviting so they come in and have conversations about your products, not to scare them away.  Deciding upon a theme or color scheme for the trade show exhibit upfront can help present a more cohesive integration.

multiple brand story PPI trade show exhibit

Consider Dividing the Trade Show Exhibit Space to Focus on Each Brand

There is a design theory called the rule of thirds in which space is divided to draw people’s eyes to certain areas.  This can work exceptionally well in a trade show exhibit that features multiple brands.  By dividing the space visually, people will be drawn to specific areas of interest instead of feeling lost.  This design theory is used in some of the most famous architectural monuments across the globe and is regularly used on the trade show floor, whether you are aware of it or not.  By communicating with your exhibit house partner, you can ensure your space is divided to show off each brand in an intelligent and complementary manner.

Sindvel trade show exhibit

Take Customers on a Journey with Your Brand Story as a Whole

Many corporations grow in one field, such as photography, acquiring different brands under the umbrella of one corporation.  They could include the paper company, the brands with the cameras, the accessories, and more.  To pull them all together can be difficult.  You can still encourage each brand to shine on their own in the trade show exhibit while complementing the other brands in the trade show exhibit.  How is this done? By taking a customer on a journey through your trade show exhibit.  That journey can begin with one product and continue on until the natural brand story ends.  Consider how this allows each brand to stand on its own and stand out to consumers but at the same time complement the other brands as natural additions or partners.  Trade show attendees want to know the brand story when they approach exhibits, so to take them on this kind of journey communicates a lot visually and in possibly other mediums to give them the gist in seconds, if not a deeper dive in minutes.

CA Global trade show exhibit brand story customer journey

When integrating multiple brands in one exhibit, it can be tricky to get it just right.  One misstep can cause trade show attendees to say nah, I pass and move on.  Don’t turn off your audience before you’ve been given an opportunity to get them in front of your messaging with poor trade show display design.  For more great ideas, consult your trade show exhibit house partner.  Their wealth of experience can be the difference between success and failure.

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