Comparison Shopping is the Highlight of Live Shows

Better decisions come from seeing anything in person. When you need to source new products and technology, nothing can replace seeing and touching equipment, asking questions, and receiving immediate feedback face-to-face at your trade show. These are comprehensive events where comparison shopping with open evaluation and assessment and most importantly questions can be asked and answered on the spot.

In-person trade shows are essential for networking and discovering what is new. The resources, exhibitors and solutions trade show attendees need to stay ahead of the competition are likely on one trade show floor.

Pre-Show Marketing is the Key to Success

If you do not spread the message who will? It is imperative that every exhibitor do their part by inviting their database of attendees to join them on the show floor. Do not sit back and let your association shoulder all the marketing work – this is exhibitor responsibility as well. Let’s return to trade shows with a full force of attendees.

Marketing managers beware … the buck stops with you. Let us be honest there’s always a few marketing managers who just don’t get it. Their first word is how cheaply can we do this? Inexpensive, lack luster displays with no pre-show marketing, bringing the wrong staff, and then taking a casual approach to show leads. “Oh, where is the fish bowl with those business cards?” Results in a disaster in the making with no reason to wonder why. This is not an age thing whatsoever. Name every age category and there are the people who are ready to go, well-read, and have listened to the advice of successful people.

No Time to Fail

Trade shows are a major portion of a company’s annual marketing budget; yet, they often see it as a distraction, not an opportunity. Trade show marketing should be treated with the same analysis, intensity, scrutiny, and professionalism as every other form of marketing. If you are an expert at social media, pay-per-clicks, other types of advertising and you feel you fall short on the trade show floor you can hire an expert. There are many trade show consultants who have devoted their careers to ensure their clients succeed at face-to-face marketing. If this ups your trade show ante to a great ROI it is a great value and you can learn along the way.

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