When your brand exhibits at a trade show, it’s all about telling your product story.  But how do you best tell your product story?  The answer is through digital storytelling.  Digital storytelling can add a whole other layer to telling your product story through technology.  The benefit of this kind of digital storytelling is how excited people are about technological innovations.  People will often skip seeing a competitor’s trade show exhibit because your brand features exciting technology.  If you’re not using the following tools, you should think about how you can tell your brand story using technology:

Gamification Places You into a Brand’s Product Story

Think about what your product story encompasses.  Is it about how your goods and services can speed up people’s entrance into the market?  Does it tell people how accomplished your team is at delivering exceptional results?  Once you’ve defined your product story, you can use digital storytelling to communicate that to others.  Gamification is a very popular way to tell your brand’s product story using digital storytelling.  Consider how some brands use race car games tied to technology, or Super Mario type of video games in order to perform a skills test prior to hiring?  There are a great many uses for gamification and it has become increasingly popular on the trade show floor.  The sky is literally the limit if you can imagine something to tell your product story in an interesting way.  Gamification is an interesting and popular form of digital storytelling that shows no signs of slowing down in today’s trade show environment.

trade show booth interactive brand experience

Incorporate Touch Screens Into Your Trade Show Booth Design

Touch screens are an excellent way to give trade show attendees a tactile way to interact with your trade show exhibit. They’re also a great tool for digital storytelling.  Whether your touch screens are informing people about the many facets of your latest technology or giving them examples of how your physical goods and services can best serve them, they embrace the ideals of digital storytelling.  The majority of trade show attendees have now embraced the technological age- whether having grown up holding a smart phone in their toddler hands or having typed on them in their 30’s.  Everybody is now used to the forward march of technology and can appreciate touch screens as a method of digital storytelling.

branded trade show booth

Interactive Props as a Means of Digital Storytelling

At CES, one of our clients used oversized props that looked like cameras with an actuator spitting a photo out of the camera prop to simulate their instant print camera technology.  This oversized interactive prop was an important vehicle for digital storytelling because it instantly told the product story from across the trade show floor.  How could attendees not understand what Kodak’s instant print category represented with these props surrounding the trade show exhibit?

trade show display

A Room Dedicated to Digital Storytelling

At a recent trade show, one of our aviation clients had a separate room in their double deck trade show booth dedicated to digital storytelling.  Inside this room, people got a greater feel for the product story and how it has grown over the years. These kinds of physical manifestations of a brand’s product story through the use of LED and other elements feed into a form of digital storytelling that is extremely powerful. Trade show attendees really are impressed by this kind of presentation and are better able to understand what the brand’s product story really communicates.

UAM Digital Storytelling

No matter what industry you’re in, what your brand’s story is about- its goods or services, digital storytelling can play an impactful way in presenting your messaging.  Consider how you might use technology in your next trade shows to accomplish these goals.

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