Belgium Wallonia Foreign Trade and Investment Agency, logoI met Mr. Koren for the first time in Houston during the OTC in May 2009.

He convinced me to work with Absolute Exhibits for our next project. I’ve never regretted that! From this moment, Absolute Exhibits has accomplished for us four or five projects a year, make the count… It’s very easy and very professional to work with Absolute Exhibits.

All is clear : the budget, the project, the process, everything. All their local team work to make your project, your booth the best, the most beautiful one, in San Francisco, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, Atlanta and Orlando.

We did so many trade shows together : the SEMA, the NAB, the OTC, the IBS, the AACC….and it was always perfect, really! What I can tell you : it’s really a pleasure to work with Absolute Exhibits and you won’t regret your choice.

In few words, as a Project Manager for the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency, Absolute Exhibits makes my business easier.

– Belgium Wallonia Foreign Trade and Investment Agency

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